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Service has always been at the forefront of our core values which has led us to providing asset management services including repair, maintenance and re-certification for clients with their own container fleets and asset tracking of their equipment. 

We have a unique combination of skills and expertise that allows us to offer comprehensive advice and software access and reporting to allow you to concentrate on core activities in the knowledge that your fleet is in safe hands.

We can offer the following options:

Certification Management & Lifting inspections to DNV / ISO / CSC and Loler standards with access to our online certification database where your asset certification can be downloaded at any time.  Certification management services to reduce manual processes and ensure our customers equipment is always operating to the highest standard and complies with industry regulations.

Equipment Maintenance offering an extensive range of maintenance services including refurbishment, repairs, preventative maintenance, service planning and document management.

Asset Tracking providing periodic reporting service and complete visibility enables our customers to monitor the location and compliance status of their equipment and materials through our hire system and GBP remote location interface. 

Transportation Management and logistics ensuring the efficient and cost effective national and international transportation of client’s cargo via an extensive network of tried and tested carriers. 

Modification and fabrication applications with the objective to improve or repair clients equipment can be carried out by out team of coded welders along with years of industry experience to advise in practicality, industry regulations and safety.  We can undertake Small, cost effective modifications, non-structural and primary structure redesigns.

Service and Maintenance facilities are second nature when managing our own fleet.  With extensive experience in  procurement of container parts, we offer great value and expertise in sourcing and logistical.